The Klujo Loyalty Solution



Build brand loyalty by allowing users to redeem their game points for rewards via your own rewards platform

Transactional Rewards

Transactional Rewards

Picture this: Your customers engaging with your game experience and receiving an instant discount or giftcard that creates a lasting smile.

That's the magic of transactional rewards, and Klujo's loyalty solutions will help you harness this power

Experential Rewards

Go beyond discounts – offer memorable experiences that stay etched in your customers' minds. Forever

Whether it's a VIP event, exclusive access, or personalized services, make your brand a part of their cherished memories

ESG Rewards by Klujo

ESG Rewards

Demonstrate your commitment to the planet by offering rewards that contribute to environmental conservation.

ESG rewards elevate your brand's image, attracting socially conscious customers and fostering deeper loyalty.

Charitable Donations

Infuse purpose into your brand by allowing customers to direct rewards towards charitable causes they care about. Every transaction becomes an opportunity to make a difference.

Charitable donations enhance your authenticity, attracting socially conscious customers and building trust.

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Which rewards will you give your audience?

Deliver memorable experiences that win the heart, mind and data of your target audience