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Retail marketing using games - consumer brands

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Capture shoppers' attention and tell your story with word games and riddles

Consumers will solve the puzzles to learn about your brand, seasonal promotions and products in an entertaining way.

Points are given to shoppers for successfully solving your riddles

The Power of Gamification Is Real!

Wordle brought ‘tens of millions’ of new users to the New York Times

(TechCrunch - May, 2022)

Turn Game Plays into Loyal Customers

Reward shoppers for interacting with your experiences and sharing their data. Instead of purchases

Build emotional loyalty and satisfy the diverse needs of your consumers by offering transactional or experiential rewards

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Zero Party Data Capture with Klujo

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Real testimonials from shoppers

Playing the word riddle was like exercising my brain muscles. It's addictive but satisfying at the same time

Maria Silva

I love how the word riddle game makes me think creatively. It's a mental puzzle that you can't help but enjoy solving

Chen Wei

I love how the word riddle makes me think outside the box. It's not just a game; it's a whole mental adventure!

Ananya Patel

The word riddle kept me engaged for hours. It's so satisfying when you finally crack the puzzle

Hiroshi Yamamoto

I've never been a fan of games, but the word riddle changed my mind. It's addictive in the best way possible. What an experience!

Emma Müller

The word riddles were a refreshing change from the usual games out there. It's intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

Luca Rossi

Frequently Asked Questions

In the context of the retail industry, gamification entails leveraging game elements and mechanics, including various incentives and interactive features, to elevate the overall customer experience and foster active customer participation.

This implementation encompasses a wide range of strategies, such as the introduction of loyalty programs, virtual rewards systems, interactive in-store activities, and engaging challenges.

By integrating retail gamification, businesses can not only amplify their brand visibility but also bolster sales through targeted marketing endeavors and customer-focused initiatives.

Gamification can serve as a powerful marketing tool, integrating elements of enjoyment and friendly competition into the shopping process.

By incorporating features like leaderboards and interactive in-store challenges, businesses can effectively entice customers to interact with their brand and complete purchases.

Moreover, this approach facilitates customer retention and acquisition through the implementation of loyalty programs and virtual incentives.

One instance of gamification in the retail sector involves the implementation of a customer loyalty program, providing incentives like virtual perks or discounts for future transactions.

Another illustration includes the integration of in-store games or challenges, motivating customers to engage with the brand and fulfill specific objectives to earn rewards.

Retail gamification strategies may also encompass augmented reality features or mobile applications designed to enrich the overall shopping experience.

Implementing gamification in the retail sector offers numerous advantages, such as heightened customer participation, strengthened customer allegiance, and the acquisition of valuable insights into customer habits.

Furthermore, it enables retailers to distinguish themselves within a competitive market and stimulate sales.

Retail businesses have the option to implement gamification strategies, including loyalty initiatives and interactive in-store activities, to enhance their brand visibility and stimulate sales within the retail sector.

These tactics are instrumental in boosting customer interaction and fostering brand allegiance, thereby equipping retailers with essential insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.

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