Grow subscriptions to higher levels



Increase reader interaction, drive more conversions and collect valuable zero party data with word games and riddles

Increase reader interaction

Encourage active participation with game based content and deliver a more immersive and captivating user experience

Collect deeper audience insights

Collect valuable user data to enable the delivery of more targeted and relevant information to your audience.

Drive more subscriptions

Create a competitive environment that motivates readers to unlock higher subscription tiers

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Launch Media Games. With No Code

Capture readers' attention and tell your story with word games and riddles

Readers will solve the puzzles to learn about your media brand and content in an entertaining way.

Points are given to readers for successfully solving your riddles

The Power of Gamification Is Real!

Wordle brought ‘tens of millions’ of new users to the New York Times

(TechCrunch - May, 2022)

Turn Game Plays into Loyal Readers

Reward readers for interacting with your experiences and sharing their data. Instead of purchases

Provide your own rewards or onboard your local partners are rewards providers to build an additional channel of revenue.

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Typical Results Achieved by Media & Publishing Teams


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Average Game
Completion Rate


Average Increase in Marketing ROAS
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Leverage zero-party data to personalize your consumer marketing and grow your subscriptions.

Easily connect to more than 35 apps and popular CRMs, enabling smooth transfer of your audience data to achieve your desired objectives.

Real testimonials from players

Playing the word riddle was like exercising my brain muscles. It's addictive but satisfying at the same time

Maria Silva

I love how the word riddle game makes me think creatively. It's a mental puzzle that you can't help but enjoy solving

Chen Wei

I love how the word riddle makes me think outside the box. It's not just a game; it's a whole mental adventure!

Ananya Patel

The word riddle kept me engaged for hours. It's so satisfying when you finally crack the puzzle

Hiroshi Yamamoto

I've never been a fan of games, but the word riddle changed my mind. It's addictive in the best way possible. What an experience!

Emma Müller

The word riddles were a refreshing change from the usual games out there. It's intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

Luca Rossi

Frequently Asked Questions

Media companies have a range of options for implementing gamification, including integrating game elements into their marketing efforts, social media approaches, and online shopping sites.

Moreover, they can apply gamification in the realm of eLearning to craft immersive and interactive educational journeys for their audience.

Gamification in the realm of media serves the primary goal of enhancing user experience and fostering heightened engagement with the offered content or products.

Additionally, it can function as a potent marketing tool to bolster brand recognition and attract a greater influx of traffic to media platforms.

A case of gamification in the realm of media could involve integrating game-inspired components like leaderboards, progress bars, and reward triggers within a social media platform or website.

This approach aims to elevate user engagement and expand brand recognition through interactive and entertaining experiences.

Several advantages of incorporating gamification in media involve heightened user participation, improved recognition of the brand, and the acquisition of insightful data on user interaction.

Additionally, gamification can bolster the influx of visitors to media channels, consequently amplifying earnings via augmented e-commerce transactions and advertising revenue.

Utilizing gamification can instill a feeling of achievement through the incorporation of progress indicators, competitive rankings, and incentive mechanisms, enabling users to monitor their advancement and engage in friendly competition.

This approach fosters a sense of fulfillment as individuals attain their milestones and access various incentives.

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