Engage Your Fans On & Off The Field



Engage fans on a deeper level, drive more game attendance and collect valuable fan data with word games and riddles

Boost fan engagement in the arena

Allow fans to participate in activities such as selecting the player of the game through a QR code on the main stadium screens, seats or even tickets

This fosters a stronger sense of community and allows you to collect valuable user data.

Remain on top of mind during the off season

Provide insights into upcoming matches, team news, seasonal ticket deals, and other exciting offers by sharing games online.

This allows you to stay on top of mind during the off season and cultivate a community of devoted fans.

Increase ticket sales and in shops

Advertise your team's merchandise in a memorable way and increase both online and offline sales.

This allows you to build emotional loyalty with fans and sell drive sales without discounting your sports products.

Fan Engagement using word games - sports team

Launch Sports Games. With No Code

Capture fans' attention and tell your team's story with word games and riddles

Fans will solve the puzzles to learn about your team's news, players info, and merchandise in an entertaining way.

Points are given to fans for successfully solving your riddles

The Power of Gamification Is Real!

Wordle brought ‘tens of millions’ of new users to the New York Times

(TechCrunch - May, 2022)

Turn Game Plays into Loyal Fans

Reward fans for interacting with your experiences and sharing their data. Instead of purchases

Build emotional loyalty and satisfy the diverse needs of your fans by offering transactional or experiential rewards

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Zero Party Data Capture with Klujo

Hyper Personalize Your Fan Marketing

Leverage zero-party data to personalize your marketing and fuel your growth

Easily connect to more than 35 apps and popular CRMs, enabling smooth transfer of your fan data to achieve your desired objectives.

Real testimonials from fans

Playing the word riddle was like exercising my brain muscles. It's addictive but satisfying at the same time

Maria Silva

I love how the word riddle game makes me think creatively. It's a mental puzzle that you can't help but enjoy solving

Chen Wei

I love how the word riddle makes me think outside the box. It's not just a game; it's a whole mental adventure!

Ananya Patel

The word riddle kept me engaged for hours. It's so satisfying when you finally crack the puzzle

Hiroshi Yamamoto

I've never been a fan of games, but the word riddle changed my mind. It's addictive in the best way possible. What an experience!

Emma Müller

The word riddles were a refreshing change from the usual games out there. It's intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

Luca Rossi

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports gamification involves the integration of game components like scores, rankings, and incentives to elevate fan participation and enjoyment within conventional sports.

It encompasses various techniques such as mobile applications, interactive media, and gaming within arenas, alongside the incorporation of sports wagering and social media networks.

An instance of gamification in the sports industry involves a mobile application that enables fans to accumulate points by attending matches, streaming live events, and engaging with interactive quizzes or other content.

These accrued points can subsequently be utilized to claim prizes or unlock special privileges, including opportunities for personal encounters with athletes or access to premium seating arrangements.

The primary aim of incorporating gamification in the sports industry is to elevate fan involvement and enjoyment, bolster fan loyalty, and establish fresh income sources via sponsorships and sports wagering.

Moreover, it strives to appeal to a younger demographic of gaming enthusiasts and sports aficionados, fostering interactive and gamified encounters within arenas.

Incorporating gamification in the realm of sports has the potential to bolster fan participation and loyalty, enhance overall fan enjoyment, and drive revenue growth, particularly through sponsorships and sports wagering.

Moreover, this approach can play a key role in appealing to a younger demographic of gaming and sports enthusiasts who gravitate towards interactive and gamified experiences

The "sports ecosystem" encompasses the entirety of the environment surrounding sports, comprising fans, teams, leagues, and various other stakeholders.

The integration of gamification within this ecosystem can substantially influence it, elevating fan engagement and retention, establishing fresh revenue channels, and drawing in a younger demographic of fans.

Engage your fans across all channels

Deliver memorable experiences that win the heart, mind and data of fans