Game Creator Program

The Game Creator Program is an exclusive opportunity for video creators, streamers, and social media influencers to gain revenue, rewards, and growth for their channels

Wordle for travel and tourism

The Path to a Million $ in 3 easy steps

Turn Gameplays into Dollars, and Passion into Profit

Join these game creators on their
path to a Million $

Trivia Quiz by Klujo - Game Creator Program

Gameplays: 23,653

Revenue: $4,730

Gameplays: 52,877

Revenue: $10,575

Gameplays: 35,101

Revenue: $7,020
emojiQ by Klujo - Game Creator Program

Gameplays: 9,564

Revenue: $1,434
Wordle for travel and tourism

Gameplays: 22,874

Revenue: $4,574
Puzzle Game by Klujo - Game Creator Program

Gameplays: 79,298

Revenue: $15,859

Your games WILL go viral

Game Mechanics

Our built-in game mechanics such as leaderboard and points system will keep your followers coming back for more.

Social Sharing

To earn extra points, your audience will share your games and their score to their own followers on social media


Your audience will play more to accumulate extra points in order to receive an exciting reward that will be supplied by us.

The Power of Word Games Is Real!

Wordle brought tens of millions of new users to the New York Times

(TechCrunch - May, 2022)

Your Gameplays. Your Earnings

Our incentive structure is transparent and designed to get you to a million $ in 12 months (or less)

As your games get more plays, you will automatically be moved to the next tier and unlock extra benefits

Level I

$ 0.10 /Gameplay
  • < 5,000 gameplays
  • Unlimited games
  • Games created by us
  • Branding: Powered by Klujo

Level II

$ 0.15 /Gameplay
  • Between 5,001 and 10,000 gameplays
  • Unlimited games
  • Games created by us
  • Custom Rewards for your fans
  • Branding: Powered by Klujo & {You}

Level III

$ 0.20 /Gameplay
  • > 10,000 gameplays
  • Unlimited games
  • Games created by You
  • Featured on our social channels
  • Client referrals in need of Klujo
  • Branding: Powered by {You}

Ready to make your creativity pay off?

Influence and monetize your followers by joining the Klujo Game Creator Program.

Turn your creative passion into something more

Frequently Asked Questions

We're specifically looking for creators who excel in areas like content writing, blogging, freelancing, marketing, business coaching, or tech and unboxing. But don't worry if you're outside these fields, we're open to all creative minds. Please fill the form to check your eligibility.

We want you to reach the Million $ as quickly as possible. So in levels I and II, we will provide you with ready-made game experiences that are proven to capture audience's attention and inspire them to play. Games are delivered as URLs and/or with special instructions if you wish to embed them on your site.

It's at level III where the fun really begins. You will work closely with our game creative teams to help you design and create your own word and riddles games. Games that are unique to your brand. You will also become a strategic partner where we refer Klujo clients needing help with game design and launch. 100% of those service fees are yours to keep

This decision is entirely up to you. We can provide recommendations but you know your audience better than anyone and know how engaged they are with your content

All our games have the "Powered by Klujo" branding at the footer of the game. Level II allows you to have your name (or your agency name) included in this branding. And Level III will make the games fully branded by you - just like a white-label solution

Creators start off at 0.10 USD for each game play until they've reached a total of 5,000 gameplays. Then, they move on to the next level where they will earn 0.15 USD for each gameplay until they reach 10,000 game plays. The last level pays 0.20 USD for all game plays overs 10,000. 

Each level unlocks additional benefits

We measure the performance of your games daily and provide feedback in order for you to optimize its promotion. Your payout will be based on the number of plays your game has generated during a 30 day window. Payments will be processed within 15 days after the last day of the previous month. The minimum payout is $20

We can pay you via bank transfer or Wise, whichever works best for you. And we cover the  bank fees