Improve Engagement Build Loyalty Capture User Data

with Game Experiences

Consumer experiences that inspire and drive action delivered through word and puzzle games

Create memorable moments
with game experiences

Tell your story with game experiences

Strike an authentic and meaningful conversation with your target audience by sharing your story as a game experience

Users are pulled in without realizing it because they love to play for themselves — but they’re actually learning all the things you would want them to know about your brand, products and/or services - while sharing a wealth of Zero-Party data about their intent, needs and interests

Use proven templates

Tap into our marketplace of pre-built word & puzzle game templates to get started without being a game designer or developer

Design a unique experience

Customize the game experiences with your branding, images, messaging and even call-to-action

Launch Anywhere

Launch where your audience is most engaged— your website, in your emails, at a event with QR code or on social media

Reward users for playing

Reward your audience for interacting with your experiences and sharing their data.

Using Klujo's rewards solution, consumers will feel appreciated by being able to redeem their game points for a variety of rewards.

Build a deeper connection with your audience without impacting your bottom line by giving your audience the ability to contribute to the greater good - through donations to charity or to support a social cause.

Build a branded loyalty program

Customize the rewards widget with your branding, benefits and redemption rules

Use 3rd party rewards

Tap into our network of rewards providers to satisfy the changing needs of your audience

Make it omni-channel

Make your rewards redeemable where your audience is most engaged - online or offline

Hyper Personalize Your Next
Marketing Message

Integrate with 35+ apps and integrations, including the most popular CRMs and marketing software, so that you can seamlessly push your Zero-Party data to where it can be most useful to your goals.

Results delivered



Increase in bookings


Of travelers were
new customers

A leading cruise line were seeking an innovative way to promote one of their Caribbean destinations.

By relying on Klujo's emojiQ game, they were able to bring awareness to their offer, educate travelers on this new destination and inspire them to book.

This resulted in them selling out all their packages 48 days prior to the cruise.



Decrease in use
of discounts


Increase in profits

An online fashion retailer wanted to move away from providing discounts and promotions for cart abandonment.

With Klujo's scratch game to showcase a customer testimonial, they were able to build trust with their shoppers and convert them

This resulted in them selling their casual wear at full price.

Sports & Entertainment


Increase in fan engagement


Increase in new
fans (YoY)

With all eyes on the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a professional soccer team wanted a share of the spotlight.

The puzzle game powered by Klujo allowed them to remain on top of mind with their existing fans and attract new ones.

This resulted in them growing their community of loyal fans despite the FIFA World Cup.

Which game experience will we launch ?

Build an emotional connection with your audience and earn the right to collect their data