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Building a deep and meaningful connection is key to brand success

Klujo delivers frictionless interactions that collect a wealth of valuable personal data, increase customers' lifetime value, and drive the advanced loyalty your brand deserves


Engage visitors in discovering your brand, products and services by turning your messaging into branded games. Their attention is retained throughout this memorable experience


Earn the right to gather a wealth of data – personal user info, purchase intent, interests and other valuable data points as visitors interact with your games on their own free will


Nurture visitors into taking specific actions by connecting games together. Additional content are unlocked to help you further segment your visitors and hyper personalize subsequent messaging


Foster loyalty by allowing visitors to redeem their game earned points for custom rewards. Those rewards could be premium content or exclusive digital and physical promotions.

Earn your visitors' data

The Handshake Economy

Modern consumers want to be entertained, and receive something in return for their attention. Klujo Games incorporates incentive mechanics that offer a tangible value exchange for visitors’ preference data.

Data Acquisition

With the zero party data you acquire using Klujo Games, you will better understand your visitors’ motivations, preferences, and desires — and be able to drive highly personalized messaging across multiple touchpoints.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities are endless but they are yours to make. The Klujo Games can be used across all stages of your funnel – from raising brand (or even product/service awareness) to promoting an offer.

Nurture them into taking action

The "Try Again" feedback

Motivate users to keep going when they haven’t succeeded the first time. The “Try Again” feedback template provides visitors with the much need positive reinforcement and nurtures subsequent action.

The "Success" feedback

Plug your audience into an engagement loop yearning to get to know you on a deeper level. The “Success” feedback template provides visitors with the expected congratulatory words for achieving the objectives.

The "Leaderboard" feedback

Tap into your audience’s competitive desire to interact more with your brand and refer it to their network. The “Leaderboard” feedback template is a real-time leaderboard to show players how they rank against other visitors.

Achieve advanced levels of loyalty

Proprietary Points System

Segment your visitors based on their engagement and provide a mechanism to reward them for their attention. Klujo Rewards allows you to give players points upon game completion. 

Engagement based Rewards

Recognize and offer special treatment to your most engaged visitors using Klujo Rewards. Your audience can exchange their points for custom rewards such as physical and digital goods, gift cards, and more.

Tie your purchases

Build a holistic view of customers’ engagement and buying experience. Klujo Rewards connects with your purchasing loyalty program with to have a single source of truth.

Craft a Personalized Experience

Journey Mapping

Visualize visitors’ onsite journey to better understand their behavior and leverage this data to launch personalized campaigns to increase conversions.

User Tags

Profile your site visitors based on their interaction with your gamified experiences. Automated tags and points help you collect deep insights into their needs and interest.

Data Orchestration & Integration

Exchange data between systems with ease. Klujo integrates with leadings ESPs to help make use of the wealth of the data collected without the need to bother your IT teams.

One platform for all parts of your business

Lead Generation

See how service-based organizations are leveraging the power of gamified marketing to crank up their lead generation efforts


Learn how eCommerce shops are earning the trust of their consumers through gamified marketing to harness the power of deep personalization

Recruitment Marketing

Discover how recruitment organizations are using gamified marketing to showcase their employer brand and build a pipeline of highly engaged candidates

Don't just take our word for it

Clients from over 50 countries are using Klujo to build and deep and meaningful personalized connections with their visitors.

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Malak Sedra Founder & CEO of e-Sky Solutions

We wanted users to interact with our content and engage with our brand. We quadrupled traffic to our website after posting a puzzle game powered by Klujo. The power of "gaming" is real and working for us!

Client Photo
Melissa Sloetjs Marketer, HMS Host International

Basic content and videos weren't enough for us to strike meaningful conversations with our audience. Klujo's gamified experiences helped us connect with your users and get 4x more engagement.

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Ernst Schipper Principal, Dandelion Strategies

By using Klujo to bring our content to life, we were able to truly connect with your audience and understand what makes them tick without being too intrusive. This helped skyrocket our website conversion rates

Client Photo
Radu Danaila Founder & CEO - Radvertize LLC

As a digital marketer, I can tell you that this is the future of advertising. The results are speaking for themselves. Within a few hours of launching a Klujo gamified experience on our site, the number of leads increased by 10x!

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