Build emotional loyalty with game based experiences

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Retain your audience's attention with game based experiences


Capture and retain user's attention for as long as needed & across all devices


Educate your audience and provide genuine value through story telling in order to build trust


Build repeat engagement and influence users to take action through game mechanics


Drive more lead captures and conversions than any other type of content

Capture a wealth of data to deliver a 1-to-1 omni channel experience

Infinite data points

Capture your audience's intentions, preferences, motivations, interests and so much more

User Journey

Visualize and follow users experience across all channels


Automate user tags to help you segment users based on their needs and preferences.

Data Orchestration

Exchange data between systems with ease to run personalized campaigns across all touch points

Reward users for their engagement and interaction

User recognition

Recognize users' achievement with a proprietary points system

Emotional-based rewards

Reward users for their attention and engagement - rather than purchases


Connect your online world with your physical location for end-to-end user recognition

Highly configurable

Cover digital, physical rewards and everything in between

The current way

Infer customer behavior through 3rd party tracking tools
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Send your audience generic content due to the lack of user info
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Hope your content and messaging is relevant to your subscribers
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Users are turned off by the lack of personalization and unsubscribe.

The NEW way with Klujo

Collect valuable user data by providing an entertaining experience
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Build a clear & deep understanding of their interests, needs and preferences
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Send them personalized content, products and offers that are relevant
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Users feel valued & build an emotional connection with your brand

Don't just take our word for it

Clients from over 50 countries are using Klujo to build and deep and meaningful personalized connections with their visitors.

Client Photo
Malak Sedra Founder & CEO of e-Sky Solutions

We wanted users to interact with our content and engage with our brand. We quadrupled traffic to our website after posting a puzzle game powered by Klujo. The power of "gaming" is real and working for us!

Client Photo
Melissa Sloetjs Marketer, HMS Host International

Basic content and videos weren't enough for us to strike meaningful conversations with our audience. Klujo's gamified experiences helped us connect with your users and get 4x more engagement.

Client Photo
Ernst Schipper Principal, Dandelion Strategies

By using Klujo to bring our content to life, we were able to truly connect with your audience and understand what makes them tick without being too intrusive. This helped skyrocket our website conversion rates

Client Photo
Radu Danaila Founder & CEO - Radvertize LLC

As a digital marketer, I can tell you that this is the future of advertising. The results are speaking for themselves. Within a few hours of launching a Klujo gamified experience on our site, the number of leads increased by 10x!

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