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Unlock emotional loyalty with game-based experiences

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Transactional loyalty is not enough. People are driven by emotions

A consumer is a human with needs, motivations, and values. We help organizations develop the capability to  get to the heart of what really inspires and activates their audiences.​

Sell more by engaging your audience in a meaningful way

Consumer attention spans are at an all-time low. Earn it and keep it for as long as you want by delivering your message in an interactive and memorable way.

Present your audience with game-based experiences that would allow you to strike an authentic and meaningful conversation with your target audience.

Users are pulled in without realizing it because they love to play for themselves — but they’re actually learning all the things you want them to know about your brand, products and/or services, while sharing a wealth of data about their intent, needs and interests

No more discounts. Rewards that provide genuine value

Loyalty is a human emotion rather than a transaction. Focusing solely on purchases to foster loyalty is short lived.

Consumers - in their own words - describe loyalty as a willingness to pay a premium or go out of their way for. So why are you giving out discounts to foster loyalty?

Build a deeper connection by allowing them to contributing to the greater good with donations to charities or sustainability initiatives .

Hyper personalize the customer journey with earned data

Collect a wealth of audience data - such as personal info, needs, intent and motivations as customers willingly interact with your game-based experiences.

Follow audience's journey to build a complete profile of their their motivations and preferences.

Activate those insights across Facebook Ads, emails and even SMS in order to trigger hyper-personalized messaging that cuts through the clutter.

Don't just take our word for it

Clients from over 50 countries are using Klujo to build personalized connections with their audience.

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Malak Sedra Founder & CEO of e-Sky Solutions

We wanted users to interact with our content and engage with our brand. We quadrupled traffic to our website after posting a puzzle game powered by Klujo. The power of "gaming" is real and working for us!

Client Photo
Melissa Sloetjs Marketer, HMS Host International

Basic content and videos weren't enough for us to strike meaningful conversations with our audience. Klujo's gamified experiences helped us connect with your users and get 4x more engagement.

Client Photo
Ernst Schipper Principal, Dandelion Strategies

By using Klujo to bring our content to life, we were able to truly connect with your audience and understand what makes them tick without being too intrusive. This helped skyrocket our website conversion rates

Client Photo
Radu Danaila Founder & CEO - Radvertize LLC

As a digital marketer, I can tell you that this is the future of advertising. The results are speaking for themselves. Within a few hours of launching a Klujo gamified experience on our site, the number of leads increased by 10x!

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