Use cases for recruitment marketing

A deep emotional connection is at the center of an engaged talent community

The way employers attract and engage talent has been disrupted. It is now harder than ever before to be able to influence them into applying. They want to be engaged in a memorable way

Employer Brand Awareness

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to acquire visitors’ trust & confidence.

The game should be light and informational to facilitate the willing provision of consumer data. It should help activate your employer brand and communicate content around your organization’s values and mission.

Examples include:

  1. Raising awareness of a brand’s employer values
  2. Communicating the brand’s mission and social responsibility
  3. Sharing noteworthy news about the organization.

Discovery of Job Posting

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to guide visitors to discover your open positions and their benefits

The game should provide more context to showcase a brand’s active job openings and communicate content around those positions and their requirements

Examples include:

  1. Raising awareness of a particular job.
  2. Communicating the value & benefits of a particular job

Social Proof

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to influence candidates into applying

The game should be focused on showcasing social proof and be triggered upon applicants’ behavior within specific posting

Examples include:

  1. Providing the ability to redeem their points for company swag
  2. Sharing a candidate review
  3. Showcasing your employees

Case Study

Lean how this Fortune 500 company and the word's largest flooring company wanted to go beyond traditional recruitment strategies of advertising on job boards and connect with their talent on deeper levels instead.

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