What is Gamification Marketing?

Gamification marketing is an interactive strategy that requires users to play a game to unlock a hidden message or offer. As recipients interact with the game, they spend more time engaging with your content and give greater value to the hidden message. When applied to digital marketing, gamification has proven to massively increase brand engagement, click through rates, interactions, and redemption.


The psychology behind Gamification Marketing

Gamification marketing is based on six (6) principles of psychology that influence human behavior. These psychological factors are the reason why it is so successful and can be such a powerful tool for marketers and brands.

Curiosity Will Not Kill Your Audience – Just Entice Them

This is one of the greatest aspects of Gamification Marketing, it draws people in. Studies have shown that most people who are curious about something and want to find out the answer to something, will more than likely take the time and eort to find out what the answer is.

Curiosity is an incredibly powerful tool for engagement and that’s why it’s right up Gamification Marketing’s alley. When people become engaged in Gamification Marketing it’s usually through something like solving a puzzle. They will stick around until all the pieces are in place to find the answer they are looking for.

The Perception of Value

Harvard University’s Business School perform a study known as “The Ikea Effect” which addressed the perception of value people place on things. Basically, people have a habit of associating a higher value, both emotionally and mentally, with things they created themselves. Gamification Marketing requires the user to get involved in something. Solving a puzzle, finding the correct word, scratching a coupon to get the Gamification message, will increase the perceived value the user has placed on the message and/or offer.

Ownership Effect

It is a fact that when people put a higher value on something it’s because they feel an ownership for it. Princeton University performed a study and showed researchers that people place a higher value on something they own vs an identical item they don’t own. Marketers should use this study to learn how to grab consumers’ attention from the very beginning. If a consumer wins a prize they will put a much higher value on the prize than probably is there

The Conditioning Factor

One of the oldest ways to modify someone’s behavior is conditioning. Studies have shown that if people are required to perform some activity, doing it over and over again and each time has a positive outcome, the activity will increase their interest, create anticipation, and train people to continue the same behavior. Marketers have spent years trying to figure out how to condition consumers to make purchases. Using Gamification Marketing will get readers to become conditioned to be more interested and engaged if they have the anticipation of a reward or a promotion.

Near Misses

“The Psychology of the Near Miss” was published by Professor Reid to show how people feel when they are so close to winning something. The brain releases neurochemicals as if they had already won. This, in turn, causes people to continue playing when they believe they are close to winning. Marketers should use Gamification Marketing to give people the sensation they are winning.

Missing Out on A Deal

The addiction many people experience with Social Media is due to the fear of missing out on something. This is a very powerful psychological reaction. People find themselves believing they are missing out on something that others know about so they must get on their Social Media quickly. This is driven by increased anxiety and therefore must be dealt with immediately. Gamification Marketing takes care of this in an amazing way when properly executed.

What’s Next?

Gamification Marketing is a great deal of fun for your readers but there’s a great deal more that must go into it. It must be well thought out, planned carefully, and then implemented in order to be successful. Gamification Marketing can bring about major increases in clicks, engagement, and interaction if done properly.

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