Lead Generation

A deep emotional connection sits at the center of customer loyalty

Customer engagement has been disrupted. It is now harder than ever before to be able to gain and keep the attention of your customers. They want to be engaged in a memorable way

Anonymous User

Users’ attention is captured and retained as they play the game to uncover your marketing message and content.

Games are used to guide users into discovering your brand, key benefits of your services in a memorable way
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Profiled Visitor

As users willingly interact with your games, you gather their personal info, their intent, interests and other configurable data points.

A wealth of data can be collected by connecting games together in a funnel. This guides users into unlocking additional messages
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Using AI, you can use the collected user insights to deliver subsequent personalized experience to influence visitors into taking action

This data is integrated with 3rd party marketing automation tools to help deliver a personalized omnichannel experience.
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Loyal Customer

Loyalty is fostered by allowing users to redeem their engagement points for custom rewards provided by the brand.

Comprehensive user journey analytics will provide brands with deep insights into their audience’s onsite experience

Raising Awareness

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to acquire visitors’ trust & confidence.

The game should be light and informational to facilitate the willing provision of consumer data by raising brand awareness.

Examples include:

  1. Raising awareness of a particular campaign.
  2. Communicating the brand’s mission and social responsibility
  3. Sharing noteworthy news about the brand.

Service Discovery

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to guide visitors to see the benefits of your services

The game should provide more context to showcase a brand’s services offerings and communicate content around it.

Examples include:

  1. Raising awareness of a particular service or portfolio of services
  2. Communicating the value & benefits of a particular service

Social Proof

The objective of a game at this stage of the funnel is to influence consumers into acquiring your services.

The game should be focused on showcasing social proof and be triggered upon consumer’s behavior inside specific pages of your funnel

Examples include:

  1. Providing the ability to redeem their points for lead magnets and premium content
  2. Sharing a client review
  3. Showcasing a case study

Case Study

Discover how the largest provider of vacation getaways and licensed seller of travel for their affiliated resorts jump started their summer campaigns with gamified marketing

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