Klujo Rewards

Achieve advanced levels of customer loyalty

Reward customer behaviors, build lasting relationships, and deliver value at every interaction with our scalable loyalty solution.

Types of rewards

Discount & Coupon codes

Offer your visitors discount codes to be redeemed online or at a retail store. 

Physical goods or services

Offer your users physical goods as well as customized services. 

Lead magnets and files

Offer your visitors premium content as well as lead magnets in a PDF format

Core Features


From branding, redemption parameters and validity , you can fully customize Klujo Rewards to match your brand & online identity

Rich Analytics

Continually optimize your loyalty program with advanced customer insights. See real-time statistics within our intuitive dashboard


Connect your POS or other loyalty programs to craft a 360 degree view of your customers' purchasing and loyalty behaviors

Ready for your business to explode?