Klujo Feedback

Nurture through personalized feedback

Consumers expect brands to deliver personalized feedback at every touch point — but this is a challenge when they also call for tightened data and privacy controls. Klujo Feedback helps solve this paradox by empowering marketers to acquire zero-party data and permissions with exciting, value-driven memorable experiences

The psychology of Near Misses

The “Play Again” feedback is important to help drive players committed to your brand. The brain releases neurochemicals as if they had already won. This, in turn, causes people to continue playing when they believe they are close to winning.

This feedback template serves 2 purposes. It guides users in unlocking specific content and/or promotions if they haven’t reached the objective and provides them with the ability to keep trying.

The Ownership Effect

People put a higher value on something it’s because they feel an ownership for it. If a consumer wins a prize they will put a much higher value on the prize than probably is there.

This feedback template allows you to congratulate players for successfully achieving the objective set forth in the game. It will then guide them into unlocking the content and/or promotions


A learderboard is a crucial component of effective gamification. Its purpose is to show players where they rank in the campaign. Those at the top enjoy the notoriety it brings; as for everyone else, it shows them where they stand relative to their peers. The presence of a leaderboard elicit the desire to play.

GDPR compliance is ensured by omitting other players’ info.

Core Features


From headlines, colors, images, and CTA, you can fully customize the Klujo Feedback templates to match your brand and online identity


Assign different feedback mechanisms to your gamified campaigns. Test different variations to know what makes your users tick.


Feedback templates are personalized as per visitors onsite' journey. The data is collected via their continuous interaction

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