How to add the tracking code to your site

The following sections describe in details how to add the tracking code to your site. Navigate to the section pertaining to your site builder and follow the steps.


Step #1 – Log into your Shopify Store Administration account here.

Step #2 – Click on Themes.

Step #3 – Choose customize theme

Step #4 – Click on Edit HTML/CSS


Step #5 -Locate the </header> tag. Paste the Klujo code right above the </header> tag.


Step #6 – Click Save.



We recommend you use this plugin to add your tracking code:

Alternative way:

Step #1- Click Appearance >Editor

Step #2 – Select header.php in the right side

Step #3 – Copy the tracking code and paste it between <head> and </head>



Step #1 – Log into your store BigCommerce Control Panel. Press design > Edit HTML/CSS

Step #2 – In the sidebar click HTMLHead.html


Step #3 -Paste in your Klujo tracking code before the closing </head> tag. Click save.



Step #1 – On the Magento Admin page, click on System > Configuration.

Step #2 – In the sidebar, click General > Design > HTML Head

Step #3 – Paste in your Klujo tracking code under Miscellaneous Scripts

Step #4 – Click save config



Step #1 – Find the header.php file in the following OpenCart folder:  Catalog > View > Theme > Template > Common

Step #2 – Open the file and paste your Klujo tracking code before the closing</header> tag.

Step #3 – Press save.

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