Creating a Klujo reward


This section will describe the fields that need to be maintained in order to activate the Klujo Rewards on your site.


Key Fields


This is the name of the reward (e.g. $50 Amazon Gift Card, 10% Discount Code, Title of an eBook, etc..)



The number of points necessary to redeem this reward.



You have the option to specify a quantity for this reward. Once the entire quantity is redeemed, the reward will disappear from the Klujo Rewards page.


One Per User Only?

You have the option to specify if the user can redeem the reward multiple times. Every redemption will consume the points the that user has accumulated.



This is the description of the reward. Be as concise as possible


Usage Instructions

Here you will provide instructions on how to redeem the reward and the needed next steps. Be as descriptive as possible.



The reward (or offer) will be presented to the user in a visual format. This could be a discount coupon which the user can download or private instructions to redeem an offer.



If a reward is active, then it will appear on the Klujo Rewards page.


Validity Dates

A reward can be dated as part of a seasonal promotion or planned for a future date. In order to be visible, the rewards needs to be active and also fall within the validity period that is set.



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