The basics of Gamified Marketing

What makes Gamified Marketing so powerful?

Fun & Memorable

Gamified Marketing has the incredible power to make everything feel like fun – your audience will interact with your brand effortlessly and out of their own interest and entertainment.

Mechanics & Design

Elements of this new type of content includes Mechanics and Design. Game mechanics describes the key elements that are common to many games, such as points and leaderboard, while game design describes the journey players take with elements such as game play and story line.

Art of Competition

You can attract and engage potential consumers by tapping into their desire for achievement and competition. Games offer new ways to power up communities and create a sense of natural and fun competition to boost engagement and drive more conversions.

Points & Leaderboard

By rewarding players with points and displaying top players on a special leaderboard, you can appeal to the competitive nature of humans and successfully influence them into converting

Incentivized Interaction

The principle of using games as a content marketing is simple: Interact with our games and get rewarded with tangible benefits.

Rewarding Experience

Content in the form of games is only as effective as the incentives you offer to get people to actually play. People don’t want to play based on a chance to win something. Rather they would definitely commit to something if they are guaranteed to get something at the conclusion of their participation.

Earned Data

Gamified Marketing gives you the power of deeper insights, with each interaction telling you more about how your audience actually thinks and feels.

Value of Data

With this data, you will be able to make sense of those interactions in order to make smarter marketing decisions and produce higher conversion rates.

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