Is Klujo GDPR compliant?

Absolutely! We maintain full GDPR compliance on 2 fronts Users need to authenticate themselves via social media APIs in order to interact with the gamified experiences. We consider this as a double opt-in mechanism User’s personal information are omitted in the leaderboard. You can only see yourself, your rank and points but not the names

What are your billing cycles and payment options?

You have the option to pay monthly or annually. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We’ve chosen these payment options because having a credit card on file is the best way to make sure you never inadvertently lose access to your live games . If you decide to pay on an

How do I cancel my account?

Why would you do that? No, seriously? But if you really have to, we make cancelling super easy – no forms to fill out or fine print to follow. You can do so directly yourself from within your dashboard. You will be automatically refunded the unused time.

Do you offer a free trial?

Actually no. But we offer something even better – a 100% FREE plan. You can leverage the power of gamified funnels without providing your credit card info or even spending a dime. And once you start seeing results and your business growing (which you will), you can then upgrade your plan to unlock additional benefits