What is the the Klujo Loyalty Rewards module?

Points are awarded to users who successfully complete your games (e.g. solve the puzzle, guess the hidden word in the EmojiQ game, etc.). They can redeem these points against cool gifts and rewards (e.g. additional discounts on your products, company sway, gift card, etc.) which you would upload through the Klujo Loyalty Rewards module. Need a

What type of user information are you collecting?

Trough our deep integration with Facebook, we can automatically collect users’ first and last name, email and location. How’s that for user segmentation?

How many games should I run at a time?

At a minimum, we recommend running a welcome pop up and cart saver pop up as you get started.

I am unable to create new games. Why?

Depending on your plan, you have a pre-defined number of times (views) that the games will appear. If you have reached your maximum limit, you can upgrade your plan to unlock more views or purchase a one-time bucket of views at a discounted rate.