Today, brands and marketers want their consumers to be actively engaged with their products and services. Simply clicking a link or looking at a photo isn’t enough anymore. In fact, there is a phenomenon called “content fatigue.” Consumers are hit with so much information, it makes them not want to click anything at all.

To really see and feel results on the bottom line, brands need to do more than just get consumers to passively interact. The audience needs to be interested, curious, and entertained. This is how you can beat the dreaded content fatigue and get consumers engaged and clicking on your campaigns.

Gamified Marketing  – Curiosity & Engagement

So why is gamified marketing perfect for Facebook? Simple, it drives home factors like curiosity, perceived value and interactivity.

Each of these factors play a key role in the psychology of consumers.
When a person is able to actively engage with a campaign that sparks curiosity. They immediately become more motivated to find out the answers or see what they are missing. Also, when someone actively takes a role in completing something, they will place a higher mental value on it. This is called perceived value.

The potent combination of curiosity and perceived value means that the brands and marketers who are creating campaigns that embrace these ideas on Facebook are seeing far greater benefits and results than their competitors.

This study from Demand Metric found, among other stats, that “interactive content is more effective in helping differentiate the content publisher from its competitors.

Do You Want Higher Engagement?

The brands creating content pieces that tell stories, increase curiosity and have interactivity are seeing huge leaps in their engagement rates.

So how to increase engagement? One word: INTERACTIVITY

Facebook found, in a recent study, that the amount of video in Facebook’s news feeds has increased 3.6 times year over year. But what’s really driving engagement through the roof when comes to video on social media is interactivity. Forrester Research found that “interactive videos have a 1000% higher click through rate than traditional video ads.”

See how these tie together?

By triggering the curiosity of a consumer, they are far more likely to want to participate in the campaign. And because gamified marketing has built in interactivity, perceived value increases, creating positive feelings and a desire to know (and value) a brand more.

All that leads to more clicks.

With the new advertising platforms and opportunities presented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, content marketers can boost engagement, click through and conversion rates by embracing gamified marketing campaigns.

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