Turbocharge your funnel with loyalty rewards

Don’t mistake gamification of loyalty programs as a trend – it’s here to stay and evolve, and you must evolve with it or you’ll be left behind Want to keep your customers around, boost their loyalty, and engage them with fun and convenient content? Of course you do. And not just at the start of

The Basics of a Gamified Funnel

As marketers, we have all designed and launched a conversion funnel for either ourselves or for our clients. The 6 key stages that we are accustomed to seeing are: Planning Awareness, Consideration Purchase, Loyalty Advocacy I wanted to introduce you to our version of the funnel in the language users would understand, it also feels

Using Exit Intent to Convert More Visitors

A good chunk of visitors will abandon your website and landing pages without converting, and that’s a fact. Maybe something else caught their attention. Or, perhaps your value proposition just wasn’t good enough. Whatever the cause may be, the real question is how do you convert those abandoning visitors? Today, many successful E-Commerce business owners

8 Marketing Goals You Can Achieve with a Game-Based Promotion

There are a lot of reasons to run a game-based contests and sweepstakes. But too often we see marketers make a common mistake: running a promotion just to give away a prize. Game-based promotions are a great opportunity to engage consumers and change behaviour. But you have to approach promotion planning with a list of

4 Ways to Get Consumers to Share Personal Data

Despite the fact that 86% of consumers want more control over the data companies collect about them, a recent study by Aimia Institute found that consumers are prepared to share their personal data with brands. They just want something in return.80% said they would share their name, email address, and nationality in exchange for rewards, while

Sales Promotions: To Gamify or Not to Gamify?

Sales promotions are usually big campaigns; run at important times of the year — like back-to-school and the holidays. But often the types of promotions retailers run aren’t optimized to deliver the best return on their marketing spend. Too often I see what we call “enter-to-win” promotions and it always makes me wonder: if you’re

Incentive Based Marketing

Everyone loves to receive rewards – especially when they’re offered in a simple and convenient way. This love of “free stuff” is why incentive-based marketing is an effective way to engage with your typical consumer. Incentive-Based Marketing – What is it? Incentive-based marketing is the strategic use of motivational devices such as games and special

Gamified Marketing and Facebook

How would you like to drive more engagement from your Facebook ads?Sounds like a dream, right?We all know that higher engagement is the gateway to more interested customers, which leads to people who buy more often, which leads to more money on the bottom line.According to many sources, a good level of fan engagement on Facebook is 1%

3 Easy Ways to Use Gamification Marketing to Boost Online Sales

The satisfaction of accomplishment or achievement. The pride of overcoming an obstacle or challenge. The excitement of winning or receiving a prize. Or just the euphoria of scoring big with dumb luck. One thing that ties all these together? Gamification. And it can be the best thing that ever happened to your marketing. Why gamification

Create Ownership with the Endowment Effect

In 1990, economists Richard Thaler conducted an experiment at Cornell University. They gathered a group of students and gave half a Cornell University coffee cup (retail value $6.00) and nothing to the other group of students. They then asked the coffee cup group and the no-cup group to set selling and buying prices for the mugs.