Make Losing Feel Like Winning With the Near Miss Theory

Ever played poker at a table in Vegas (or your local casino)? Doesn’t even have to be poker, it could be the slots.If you’ve played, you know the feeling, watching the cards land, or the wheels spin only to find out you just missed hitting the jackpot. When that happens, what do most of us do?

Create Ownership with the Endowment Effect

In 1990, economists Richard Thaler conducted an experiment at Cornell University. They gathered a group of students and gave half a Cornell University coffee cup (retail value $6.00) and nothing to the other group of students. They then asked the coffee cup group and the no-cup group to set selling and buying prices for the mugs.

Achieve Positive Results With The Conditioning Factor

Ever make a deal with your kids? If they bring home an “A” in school, you’ll give them a reward. If they behave at a special event, you’ll get them a toy. If they clean their room every week for a month, you’ll take them to the Taylor Swift concert. That’s called conditioning. Whether you have

Curiosity Will Not Kill Your Audience – Just Entice Them

Today, brands and marketers want their consumers to be actively engaged with their products and services. Simply clicking a link or looking at a photo isn’t enough anymore. In fact, there is a phenomenon called “content fatigue.” Consumers are hit with so much information, it makes them not want to click anything at all. To

The Psychology Behind Using Games For Digital Marketing

What is Gamification Marketing? Gamification marketing is an interactive strategy that requires users to play a game to unlock a hidden message or offer. As recipients interact with the game, they spend more time engaging with your content and give greater value to the hidden message. When applied to digital marketing, gamification has proven to

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Gamification in your Marketing

What’s the purpose of marketing? To build a brand and to grow a healthy pipeline What’s the biggest challenge in marketing? To STAND OUT IN THE CROWD If you can’t differentiate yourself from your competitors, you will have a hard time building your brand. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for this challenge, but gamification in

Taking Psychological Principles Of The Past And Succeeding Today

Even if they don’t realize it, marketers are building their careers on the principles of marketing psychology, thanks to John B. Watson.   About The Man Watson was a psychologist who founded the psychological school of behaviorism and is considered one of the pioneers responsible for today’s marketing.  He spent years studying and using psychological