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If you help small and medium size businesses  with their marketing— or if you’re looking to offer additional services to drive more revenue—then the Agency Partner Program is for you.

This exclusive program helps you increase revenue, attract new clients, and keep clients longer by providing industry-leading gamified marketing services that deliver results.

What's in it for your CLIENTS

You may have crafted a great message for your clients but there are too many of us out there. So how do you get consumers to listen?Gamified experiences help not only to capture audience’s attention but to also foster deep & meaningful bonds with them.

Your objective is to generate more leads and sales for your clients through paid advertising and, content marketing and SEO. The problem is that only a small chunk of that traffic actually converts.Gamified experiences will help you help you qualify and segment those leads for more effective re-marketing

Wouldn't be great if your clients relied more on referrals and word of mouth marketing to grow their business?Gamified experiences help drive loyalty and foster advocacy by giving them experiences that they can use, love and share.


What's in it for your AGENCY

Offering gamified marketing services allows your agency to build larger retainer agreements with your clients. As you show the ROI of your services, it'll be easier to incorporate new strategies and upsell additional services.

Offering gamified marketing services enables your agency to keep your clients longer. They will be dependent on the great value you're bringing by incorporating Klujo into their marketing mix.

Offering gamified marketing services will help your agency stand out as an innovative partner who is at the forefront of technology.


What's included?

Application Process

Based on your commitment, we can discuss revenue share and specialized pricing.


Application Submission


Agency exploration call


Agency onboarding

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Grow your agency and provide exceptional gamified marketing services to your clients. We'll give you an unfair advantage with our software, training and support.