Unlock new opportunities by joining Klujo’s Agency Partner Program

If you help small and medium size businesses  with their marketing— or if you’re looking to offer additional services to drive more revenue—then the Agency Partner Program is for you.

This exclusive program helps you increase revenue, attract new clients, and keep clients longer by providing industry-leading gamified marketing services that deliver results.


Agency +

Custom Pricing

  • Revenue share
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Plenty of sub-accounts
  • A lot of sites
  • More team mates
  • Infinity active rewards
  • Custom branding
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Want to outsource to us?

Although Klujo was built to be easy-to-use for everyone, we know sometimes you are under time pressure, or you have a more complex idea.

We can deliver personalized customization of your clients' experiences deliberately crafted with engaging dialect and headlines that pop. The copy used will convey their authority while entertaining theri audience, making them yearn to know more about them, their products and/or services.


You've got questions. We've got answers


Unfortunately no. Our technology is so unique and powerful, you will see immediate benefits. But to give you a peace of mind, we will happily refund 100% of your purchase in the first 30 days. No questions asked.

An impression is counted when a gamified experience is displayed to your site visitor. You have full control on when and how this experience is rendered. Impressions reset automatically every month

We charge based on impressions, because each time a gamified experience is requested by your site, it costs us money to fully render it based on your customization

The choice is yours to make. You can stop your gamified campaigns from loading until the following month or you can purchase a block of additional. impressions. You can do so yourself from within your admin panel.

Absolutely. We understand that each business is unique. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.


Don't just take our word for it. Clients from over 50 countries are using Klujo to stand out and grow

Client Photo
Malak Sedra Founder & CEO of e-Sky Solutions

We wanted users to interact with our content and engage with our brand. We quadrupled traffic to our website after posting a puzzle game powered by Klujo. The power of "gaming" is real and working for us!

Client Photo
Melissa Sloetjs Marketer, HMS Host International

Basic content and videos weren't enough for us to strike meaningful conversations with our audience. Klujo's gamified experiences helped us connect with your users and get 4x more engagement.

Client Photo
Ernst Schipper Principal, Dandelion Strategies

By using Klujo to bring our content to life, we were able to truly connect with your audience and understand what makes them tick without being too intrusive. This helped skyrocket our website conversion rates

Client Photo
Radu Danaila Founder & CEO - Radvertize LLC

As a digital marketer, I can tell you that this is the future of advertising. The results are speaking for themselves. Within a few hours of launching a Klujo gamified experience on our site, the number of leads increased by 10x!

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