Gamified Marketing and Facebook

How would you like to drive more engagement from your Facebook ads?Sounds like a dream, right?We all know that higher engagement is the gateway to more interested customers, which leads to people who buy more often, which leads to more money on the bottom line.According to many sources, a good level of fan engagement on Facebook is 1%

3 Easy Ways to Use Gamification Marketing to Boost Online Sales

The satisfaction of accomplishment or achievement. The pride of overcoming an obstacle or challenge. The excitement of winning or receiving a prize. Or just the euphoria of scoring big with dumb luck. One thing that ties all these together? Gamification. And it can be the best thing that ever happened to your marketing. Why gamification

Make Losing Feel Like Winning With the Near Miss Theory

Ever played poker at a table in Vegas (or your local casino)? Doesn’t even have to be poker, it could be the slots.If you’ve played, you know the feeling, watching the cards land, or the wheels spin only to find out you just missed hitting the jackpot. When that happens, what do most of us do?